BAS Franchises Endorses Lower Lake Ranch for Ranch Weddings

 BAS Franchises is a company built around producing smiles. There is perhaps no day more deserving of a true smile than a wedding, that one special day where two formerly independent souls meld into a perpetual union.

And for a perfect wedding day, one needs to find the best possible location. Our wedding planning experts at BAS Franchises believe Lower Lake Ranch is the best possible bargain and overall experience in all of Colorado.

And this is high-praise from a team that has planned dozens, if not hundreds, of high-class weddings.

Weddings at Lower Lake are the type of matrimonial services that every little girl fantasizes about.

At the base of a mountaintop, across a high bridge, or even at the base of a river bed, Lower Lake gives you dream ranch wedding venues for a low price.

And with the experts at BAS Franchises planning the wedding, you can be sure that nobody in the wedding party will forget this special day.

Whether you are more interested in the service, the reception, or both equally, Lower Lake gives you full control over the event.

If you want to plan an overnight, weekend, or even honeymoon stay, the accommodations at the bed and breakfast will more than suit your desires. Before you hear the words “I Do,” your breath will already be taken away by the lavish scenery and exclusive hideaways tucked throughout the ranch.

 BAS Franchises has dealt with many such ranch wedding venues in Colorado and beyond on their quest to plan the perfect weddings. In the years since our operation began, our team has never been unanimous on any location. Some would prefer one over the other, for either scenery, staff, or lasting appeal.

When we began our partnership with Lower Lake, this quest for the perfect location ended. We have found it, and when you see the ranch, you’ll understand why we take such a liking to it.

If you want a wedding that will live within your memories, as well as your videos and pictures, with beauty and permanence, then look no further. This ranch venue atop Colorado’s beautiful mountains has our strongest possible endorsement.